My brother was just a newborn the last time we saw my grandmother Ramsey. She lay flat on a hospital bed parked edge long between the couch and the television in the front room of the house on Maltby Road. The bed anchored the visual space of the room’s windowed wall. On the outside of the house, that wall faced the road, the windows catching a marking of sunlight through the empty branches of the horse chestnut tree. I viewed my grandmother’s body in curiosity and apathy, the same way I would look at my brother as he recovered in a wheelchair twenty years later. She had spoken and carried on loudly in life, the cough of her cigarette ruined lungs rattling throughout the massive house even in her last days. In death, her dormant frame hushed the room. In the silence I stood looking out the screen door watching the cars and tractors pass by, their transience a convenient assurance of the fundamentals: we are never truly alone and everyone dies.” from the chapter Maltby Road in Carrying Capacity


"Mysterious, super-strong mules" are the WORST. So much ATTITUDE.


Sometimes life is pretty fucking dumb. Mine’s kind of dumb right now. Well, “dumb” in the sense that every day feels like either:

1) a bucket of broken glass pouring down on my head from the top of the Empire State Building or from a plane flying by driven my worst enemy.

2) an infinite bucket of shit thrown in my face by all the liars of the world and/or everyone who ever beat me up in junior high.

3) a mysterious, super-strong mule that jumps out of the bushes when I’m walking around and kicks me in the face before running off, laughing.

That being said … that being said, all you people out there who keep telling me you’ve got my back, you make me feel as if broken glass, mean pilots, the global collection of liars, junior high bullies, shit, and asshole mules don’t mean a thing. Thank you.

To everyone else: go find people like that. They’ll keep you alive. This is no understatement. Good people will save you.

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